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Sexual Assault Charges: A Criminal Lawyer’s Perspective on Penalties and Consequences

Sexual assault is a traumatizing experience that can have a profound and enduring impact on the victims. In Canada, sexual assault is a severe criminal offense that is treated with great gravity, and a conviction can lead to harsh penalties.  Sexual Assault Explained: Non-Consensual Sexual Activity Sexual assault entails any […]


RCMP in south Saskatchewan issue warning after 3 deadly overdoses

On Wednesday, the RCMP in Saskatchewan issued a cautionary message regarding “unsafe illegal drugs” in the southern and southeastern regions of the province, following three fatalities from drug overdoses in the last week. Suspected Methamphetamine or Fentanyl Involved in Fatal Overdoses As per a recent news release, the substances thought […]

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Criminal Lawyer Explains: What’s the difference between Vehicle Seizure and Vehicle Forfeiture?

Distinguishing between Vehicle Seizure and Vehicle Forfeiture In Canada, vehicle seizure and vehicle forfeiture are two separate legal processes that are used in different situations. Vehicle seizure refers to the temporary taking of a vehicle by a law enforcement agency, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), when the […]