Spousal Assault

Spousal assault refers to any intentional non-consensual application of force enacted against an intimate partner of the same household such as a current or former spouse, common-law partner, or dating partner.

Spousal Assault is not a distinct criminal offence under the Canadian Criminal Code. Individuals are often charged with many other criminal code offences as well as a simple assault (section 266) charge. Related offences include:


Assault - Applying force or threatening to apply force without consent.
Assault Causing Bodily Harm - Assault resulting in non-trivial injuries.
Making Indecent and Harassing Phone Calls - Intentionally conveying information through letter or telecommunication with the aim to harm or frighten a person.
Criminal Harassment - Engaging in behaviour that reasonably leads the targeted individual or their acquaintances to fear for their safety.
Sexual Assault - Non-consensual touching or acts of a sexual nature.
Uttering Threats - Communicating intent to cause harm or damage to a person or property.
Kidnapping and Forcible Confinement - When you cause another person to be confined or imprisoned against their will.

Potential Consequences

The penalties for these charges can include fines, probation, imprisonment, house arrest, and/or restitution. The Crown will evaluate the severity of the assault and the circumstances surrounding it when deciding on a sentence. Spousal assault can lead to more severe penalties than non-domestic charges due to it being considered an aggravating circumstance on sentencing.


Factors that determine the specific penalties include:

  • Type of assault (simple, aggravated, sexual, and assault with a weapon)
  • Manner and toll (physical or emotional)
  • Prior criminal history

Don’t Face Your Spousal Assault Charge Alone

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