Types of Soliciting Charges

Stopping or impeding traffic: Under s. 213 (1) of the Criminal Code, it is illegal to disrupt the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic in a place that's either public or can be easily seen by the public for the purpose of offering, providing, or obtaining sexual services for consideration. This also includes attempting to stop motor vehicles and blocking access to buildings. 

Communicating to provide sexual services for consideration: It is a criminal offence under s. 213 (1.1) of the Criminal Code to communicate with any person – for the purpose of offering or providing sexual services for consideration – in a public place, or in any place open to public view, that is or is next to a school ground, playground or daycare centre.

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Understanding Soliciting Offences

Public place, s. 213 (2): Includes any place to which the public have access as of right or by invitation, express or implied, and any motor vehicle located in a public place or in any place open to public view.

Communication: There is no requirement for an explicit agreement between a sex worker and a client to be established. There's also no need for specific sexual services or the amount of money to be paid to be mentioned.

What needs to be proven is that the accused had the intention to engage in prostitution or to obtain the sexual services of a prostitute. This intention can be inferred from the circumstances and context of the communication.

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Sentencing and Potential Penalties for Soliciting

Stopping or impeding traffic and communicating to provide sexual services for consideration are treated as summary offences. The maximum penalty for both offences is two years less a day imprisonment and/or $5,000 fine. 

Available Dispositions for Soliciting

  • Discharge
  • Suspended sentence
  • Stand-alone Fine
  • Custody
  • Custody and Probation
  • Custody and Fine
  • Conditional Sentence

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