Youth Record

What is a Youth Record? 

A youth record pertains to any official document that establishes a link between a youth and a criminal case under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). These records encompass all relevant details maintained by the police, courts, governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations regarding the youth's involvement with the youth criminal justice system. 

Where Can I Get a Copy of My or My Child’s Youth Record? 

You and your lawyer are entitled to see a copy of your youth record at any time. Consult a lawyer about obtaining a copy of your youth record

Who Can Access Youth Records? 

The YCJA outlines the specific circumstances and individuals who are authorized to view and utilize a youth record. Authorized individuals who may access your youth record include:

  • The youth, their parents or guardian, and their lawyer
  • The youth worker and the youth’s school supervisor
  • The victim
  • A police officer
  • A Crown prosecutor
  • A judge
  • The Attorney General of the Province
  • The director of a jail

Potential Consequences of a Youth Record

Having a record may affect your employment prospect and your ability to travel. An employer may request a criminal record check as a requirement for a job. It is ultimately up to you whether or not to disclose this information. However, the employer may decide not to hire you if you choose not to authorize a criminal record check. Furthermore, a youth record may hinder your ability to travel outside of Canada even if your record has been expunged.

Get a free criminal lawyer consultation with a criminal lawyer before planning a trip to another country, regardless of the status of your youth record.

How Long Does a Youth Record Last?

It is not always the case that your record is automatically closed or erased when you reach the age of 18. The erasure of your youth record is contingent upon maintaining a clean record and abstaining from further criminal activities. The specific duration of time required for your record to be expunged depends on the following factors: 

  • Nature of the offence committed,
  • the received sentence
  • and whether any subsequent crimes have been committed.

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