Ottawa clinic at centre of a hepatitis C scare

By: Staff

"An Ottawa clinic at the centre of a Hepatitis C scare is facing a multi-million-dollar class-action lawsuit, alleging that several patients were infected because of unsafe medical procedures."

Nicholas Robinson, a lawyer who is representing the patients in a class-action suit against the clinic, said that the ordeal has caused panic in the community and distress among patients.

"The people who've received letters indicating they have contacted the illness are extremely distraught. They're upset," Robinson said.

Robinson, from the Merchant Law Group, has launched a $20-million class-action lawsuit, alleging improper care by Farzali. While the hepatits C test results may give the case more weight, Robinson conceded that proving when exactly his clients were infected could be difficult.

"It would be for a judge to decide whether it's more likely, or not, these people got infected by the clinic, or some other source."

Source: CTV News, November 16, 2011

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