Saskatchewan has highest percentage of impaired drivers

By: Krista Sharpe

According to SGI, in 2014 there were 50 fatal collisions involving alcohol. There are almost 100 non-fatal collisions per month linked to impaired driving, and that math equals almost four per day.

Nicholas Robinson is a criminal defense lawyer based in Regina. At any given time, he manages up to 100 DUI related cases at once.

"Marco Muzzo of Newmarket, Ont. was sentenced to an unprecedented 10 years for a fatal impaired collision."

“I think it will affect not just Saskatchewan but the entire country”, Nicholas Robinson explained.

"Robinson is hoping this reminds people to think twice before getting behind the wheel."

Robinson said Muzzo’s sentencing has impacted public opinion, which could translate into better choices on the road."

Source: Global News, March 29, 2016

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