A Criminal Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Fees

Different lawyers offer different fee structures and payment plans to their clients. Many lawyers will bill clients by the hour while others will offer block or flat fees for particular services. The more predictable the time requirements of a service are, the more likely that a lawyer will charge a flat or fixed rate fee for the particular service.

Nicholas Robinson, and most other lawyers, typically provide a free initial 30 minute consultation. In this introductory session, a lawyer will assess your situation and inform you about the court process, potential outcomes, and options for moving forward. It is often possible to identify potential legal issues that merit further investigation after a short conversation.

If you're facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to consult a criminal lawyer. For a complimentary consultation, call (306) 994-9522 today.

Understanding Criminal Lawyers’ Legal Fees

Criminal Lawyer Fee Structure: Flat Fees

It's common for criminal lawyers to charge a flat, or block fee, instead of billing hourly. This fee covers all legal services until your case is resolved or until some other procedural event occurs (for instance, until a guilty or not guilty plea is entered). Many lawyers will offer a flat fee per day of trial or a flat fee altogether until the conclusion of trial. Additional fees are often charged for unexpected or additional unexpected work outside of the flat fee arrangement.

Criminal Lawyer Fee Structure: Retainers

Most lawyers will ask their clients to sign a retainer agreement when they are initially hired. This contract details the legal services to be provided, associated costs, and both parties’ rights and duties, including retainer fees, service charges, disbursement costs, communication protocols, court appearance obligations, and terms for the agreement's termination.

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How Much Does it Cost to retain a Criminal Lawyer?

The cost of a criminal lawyer varies based on:

  • Severity of the crime
  • Complexity of the case
  • Existence of prior convictions
  • Need for expert witness testimony
  • Charges for communication and case updates
  • Time commitment required from the criminal lawyer
  • Criminal lawyer’s experience level
  • Geographic location

What if I Can’t Afford a Criminal Lawyer?

If a criminal lawyer’s fees are out of reach, you might find help through Legal Aid Saskatchewan, Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, or a flexible payment arrangement with your criminal lawyer. Some lawyers will allow you to pay the retainer in instalments.

Legal Aid: Qualifying individuals can receive assistance from Legal Aid Saskatchewan for criminal law matters.

Pro Bono Legal Services: Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan often offers free legal services across the province to those in need.

Flexible Payment Plans: Some lawyers will adapt their fees to suit their clients' unique financial situations, providing comprehensive legal defence with flexible payment options, including payment plans.

Obtain a Free Consultation With a Criminal Lawyer

Free consultations are designed to give you the information you need to determine whether a particular criminal lawyer is the right fit for you. These consultations can be anything from a quick query to an in-depth discussion of your options going forward. Call (306) 994-9522 for a free legal consultation with a criminal lawyer.

Hire Nicholas Robinson, Criminal Lawyer to Fight Your Criminal Charges 

Nicholas Robinson is a criminal defence lawyer with offices in Regina, Saskatchewan and Toronto, Ontario who is dedicated to creating client-centred solutions. Nicholas attempts to craft legal solutions that match the goals and personal circumstances of each individual client.

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