Impaired Driving Lawyer Explains: Travelling Outside Canada with a DUI Conviction

Canadian Stance on International Travel Post-DUI

It is important to understand that those charged with impaired driving are generally not prevented from leaving Canada by Canadian authorities unless they have conditions (an undertaking or recognizance or some other court order) that restricts them from leaving. Likewise, those convicted of an impaired driving offence are generally not restricted from leaving unless they are subject to a probation order or some other court order than limits travel. 

This stated, the police and courts will occasionally restrict travel where the offence is of a more serious nature: for instance, impaired driving causing death. Factors like the gravity of charges, additional non-DUI charges, and flight risk can influence such decisions. An individual may be released before a Justice of the Peace or before a Judge in court depending on the gravity of the allegation, factual circumstances of the allegation, type of charge and history (including criminal record) of the person accused of impaired driving. 

Despite this, foreign countries (including the United States) will often restrict entry on the basis of one’s criminal record. These rules are often nebulous and border services officials often have significant discretion. Only a lawyer in the country you are visiting can provide advice on whether entry restrictions exist. 

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Global Entry Restrictions Linked to Impaired Driving

Entry restrictions vary from country to country. Some countries have hardline policies which entirely prohibit the entry of a person with even a single impaired driving conviction while others grant much more discretion to border officials. 

Canada and the United States have information sharing agreements which provide broad access to individual information about criminality to border officials in both countries. 

Consult a lawyer in the country that you wish to visit in order to determine whether a conviction or pending charge may inhibit your ability to travel. 

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