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Ignition Interlock Program for Impaired Driving Charges
Impaired Driving

Ignition Interlock Program: A Comprehensive Guide

In Saskatchewan, impaired driving remains a significant concern, causing numerous accidents, injuries, and fatalities each year. In response to this, the provincial government has implemented the Ignition Interlock Program to enhance road safety and reduce alcohol-related driving offences.  What Is the Ignition Interlock Program? The Ignition Interlock Program is a […]

Hire a DUI lawyer to challenge impaired driving charges
Impaired Driving

How to Challenge Impaired Driving Charges in Regina

Being charged with drunk or impaired driving can have serious consequences for your life, career, and personal relationships. In Canada, these offences are legally referred to as “impaired driving” and “driving over 80.” It is essential to understand the legal process and the defence strategies available to you to challenge […]